Unbittered - Wear your healing.™ 

The company was founded by a DV/IPV survivor who understands that bouncing back from a toxic relationship can be extremely difficult. Creating tees and accessories that center around getting out of a toxic relationship was her way of creating a space for women to celebrate themselves and their victories, big and small. We are a safe space to discuss relationships including - parenting in forms (blended/co/parallel/counter) not often discussed, recovery techniques, stress relief, and the exploration of our creativity. We believe that having a community as well as visual reminders of your strength, power, humor and even your snarky side can help lift you out of a dark place. We also believe in giving back. That's why a portion of every sale goes to resources* designed to promote relationship positivity and/or the elimination of violence. So, whether you buy a tee, hoodie, poster or other items from one of our collections, not only will you be taking a tangible step in your healing process, you'll be helping another woman do the same. 

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