Resources on the web to meet your needs. 

There are a ton of resources on the web designed to help you recover from a toxic relationship. Here are some of the best. - Leave a cheater. Gain a Life. Incredible blogs, practical advice for those recovering from infidelity and emotional abuse. - For those who need support dealing with chosen and unchosen loved ones who have personality disorders. 

If your particular situation is dangerous, use these resources, check out the quick exit buttons on the sites and clear your browsing history. Be careful. Be safe. - 24/7 support for DV/IPV survivors. You are not alone. - The National Center Against Violence on Women in the Black Community. - Articles, videos, resources regarding DV/IPV in all 50 states. - Resources dedicated to recovering from financial abuse in IP relationships. - National Network to End Domestic Violence - National Sexual Assault Hotline - 24/7 calls, live chat, resources